Restoration Now

Ross Monk

I believe that God is giving to passionate believers a window of opportunity to be “Stirred up by the Holy Spirit” for this hour that we are living in.

Revelation Knowledge

Rodney W. Francis

I n the Christian realm there are two kinds of knowledge which we can have.  One (which we have all been caught up with at some time or other) is the knowledge we gain from learning ~ learning about God, learning about the Bible, learning...



Many Christians have become reluctant to use this term “servantship” because they have heard it used to justify a lot of manipulation, coercive talk and preaching, when it is really about living out a personal, loving relationship with one’s Father in Heaven that allows His Glory to be expressed on the earth in words and in miracles.

Setting Spiritual Boundaries


There are those who have not really thought a lot about who Christians are in this world and the various types of prayer we can use.  We know that our enemy prowls about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, but have not really...

Setting up your day


Applying Jesus prayer toolbox

Please read through the article “Praying Effectively” before continuing.

Setting up your day

Julie and I have learned that our day goes a lot better if we set it up in prayer.   As I asked Dad about how to do...

Surrender is a weapon


Surrender to Jesus is a weapon and a key of our warfare against condemnation and against darkness.
The Kingdom of God is the "upside down" Kingdom. What loses in the worldly wins in the Kingdom of God if it is applied correctly.

The Household of God


I know where I belong. I’m a living stone. In His house I belong.

It is an amazing and thought provoking story, the story of God’s desire for a family and His bringing it about.  It is a story of success and tragedy, failure and betrayal and...

The Name of God


There are several expressions used for God in the Bible, many of them beginning with El, which simply means “god” or “deity”.   When the word is extended in Hebrew, a clearer meaning emerges:

Elyon – God Most High
Eloah / Elohim – One of...

The Sleeping Giant - The Church and Christchurch Earthquakes


There are many opinions about what God is doing in the earthquakes that are continuing to rock Christchurch. The combination of natural and spiritual events may be too much to get our heads around completely, but we seem driven to try to make some sense of these things. Many opinions are just human points of view and do not come from the heart of God or represent who He is.