Habits of Godliness

I think that from time to time, Christians ponder what God moving in power through and around them might look like.  We all see this happening from time to time and mostly around people who seem to be the "chosen few" that many like to go and watch.  This is the way we tend to think about this but is this truth?  Some if not all are puzzled because we see a different pattern in Scripture.  So we wonder what this looks like around us personally, and what will convince Holy Spirit to move like that with us.  Many of us are carrying a desire to be more personal and intimate with God, but are not sure how to walk there.  I, like many, have been in these places of the journey in Christ walking it out with our dear Father.  As I have expressed my own heart yearnings to Him, He has shown me some of what I share below and I have 'discovered' the rest.  He has made it clear to me that moving with Him is more dependent on hearing and receiving His mind and heart than anything else.  I believe that we all need some habits of relating with our Father that help.

All of us develop habits that can help with Godliness, and these are some habits I use every day that help me.  Each of us is made a little differently.  It is our Father's good pleasure to make each one of us unique, so what works for others may not work as well for you.  Experimenting with ways of putting ourselves in the way of relationship with Dad (our heavenly Father) helps us find what is the greatest help individually. For example I am not a person who feels close to God when I am walking or being in nature, but I know people who do and receive powerful revelations there.  I hope and pray that my brief notes on each of what works for me on a daily basis will help you to discover some more of what helps you.

John 15:1-11 describes what our personal continuous connection to Jesus looks like.  From the moment of our first surrender to Him, as soon as we invite Him to live in us, He moves into our spirit.  From that moment on we can live from His life.  All we have to do is keep our soul to spirit connection open and flowing.  That sounds simple and it is, but there are many influences in life that cause us to shut that connection down as we focus on the matters of life and the world.  As we grow in Him we learn how to keep that soul to spirit connection flowing more, and we feel closer to God as we move through our day.  

With His help, I have discovered that it helps to develop habits that help with this.  In verse 7 and 8 Jesus says If you continue in Me and My words continue in you, you shall ask what you wish and it will be done for you.  Those are powerful words and very thought provoking. The keys there are in 'continuing' in Him and His Life flows that come from our spirit through the fountain in our belly John 7:38; 4:14 into our soul whenever we connect there. (See "New Creature and Old" for more on this.)

These are 5 Habits of Godliness that help me. They work and flow with the Life of Jesus in you and me so are not laws, just habits that help our joy of being with Him. Please don’t get legalistic (“have to”) about using habits that help.  Because these are habits, not laws or rules we have some flexibility about using them.  I and others who have tried these habits, have noticed that they bear most fruit when used consistently, so don’t expect too much if you are not trying to use them every day (or most days of your week).   I will map them out here as I have come to use them, so if it suits you better to shift them around in your day then by all means do so. The results are not usually instant and really start to bear fruit for us after about 2 weeks of use. (If you have any questions once you have tried them out please ask them on the contact page of this website.)

1) First thing in my day, I pray and sometimes its when I wake in the early am hours before sleeping again. I use Jesus prayer structure. I speak blessing into the new day.  It is good to speak out our Father’s favour on your life which re-establishes who you are into the spiritual realm around you. Pray for all the lives intersecting with, or connected to yours, speaking blessing into your own life and into these others before you use Jesus prayer structure in Effective Prayer.
As you pour out blessing around others lives you are exercising your spiritual authority on the earth (Genesis 1:26; John 1:12) on your Father’s behalf and using your God given dominion on earth to give Him room to move.

2) Sit quietly and listen to His thoughts in your mind (The thoughts from the mind of Christ in you sound a lot like yours) and write them down.   At first this may be a jumble of your thoughts and His, but after 2 weeks of doing this every day, you should notice that His thoughts are becoming clearer to distinguish, and the lovely surprise for many is that our Father is quite keen to do this with us so it is easier to do than they imagined would be the case.
Psalm 139:17, 18 How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God! How great is the sum of them! If I should count them, they are more than the sand; when I awake, I am still with You.

3) At some stage of the day, read your bible and write notes on anything that stands out to you. The interesting thing is that as you show faithfulness and respect for what He is showing you, He tends to reward that with more as you write. When you come back to what you have written later you will also see more, understanding how it connects with other revelation and quickening he has given you.

4) Work through the day seeking to keep and return to a heart focus that is positive, looking to Jesus just as if He is alive and well and living in you (which He is for every one surrendered to Him), expecting His miraculous life to flow in and around you and for miracles to become normal in your daily life. This is how He walked upon this earth and how our Father wants life to be for us.
Matthew 5:13 - 16 You are the salt of the earth, but if the salt loses its savour, with what shall it be salted? It is no longer good for anything, but to be thrown out and to be trodden underfoot by men. You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do men light a lamp and put it under the grain-measure, but on a lampstand. And it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in Heaven.

5) Talk with your Dad who also lives inside your spirit about everything. Apologise quickly for stuff He will be grieved over. Expect His forgiveness as soon as you ask for it, because He has already paid the price. Expect His help and favour in all things. Expecting is a stage further from belief and requires a decision to expect on our part, and a struggle to hold that expectancy against all the demonic lies and persuasions that come.

I pray you will be blessed and be fruitful in all you discover as you find out what works for you best.  Remember that some things help straight away, but it usually takes several weeks to see if others will work for you.

You can pray something like this - " Dear Father God, I want to know you better and understand how to move with You in all You want to do with me.  Please help me to try things that help me to connect with You better.  Thank you for living in me.  Thank you for wanting to help.  I ask in the name of Jesus Christ your Son.  Amen"