Personal Journeys


Linda Lomey

Late one April afternoon in 1945 a little girl was playing near the creek that ran down past the home where she lived with her family: her mum and dad, four sisters and two brothers; all older than herself. It was a forbidden place to play;


Excerpt from a letter

Unknown Author

(I am simply passing this on to challenge our perspectives - MA)

I’m a simple little white girl from Florida who is now in Sudan taking in orphanage children to live with her.

I was really relieved when Jesus called me to move to Sudan and out of...

My Father's Grace For Sonship

Michael Arndt

>A small relational bloggish.

My Father has been sharing His heart with me.  I find more and more that He wants openness and good hearted sharing, for He loves strong gentle openness in relationships (not obligations or rules).  He...

Reaching Out

Jill McLeod

I received this email today from my Grand-daughter "Poppy", and thought it well worth sending on to everyone. Very thought provoking.
I had a Muslim family as neighbours for most of last year and we became good friends, but when I read...