God's Grace in Crisis

Matt Cornford

Earthquake Thoughts - A conversation with God, 20 June 2011

In my mind I see one region, surrounded by 3 previously undiscovered fault-lines. 7500 earthquakes in less than 10 months, 5 significant earthquakes causing widespread utility outage. A...

The Sleeping Giant - The Church and Christchurch Earthquakes


There are many opinions about what God is doing in the earthquakes that are continuing to rock Christchurch. The combination of natural and spiritual events may be too much to get our heads around completely, but we seem driven to try to make some sense of these things. Many opinions are just human points of view and do not come from the heart of God or represent who He is.



Many Christians have become reluctant to use this term “servantship” because they have heard it used to justify a lot of manipulation, coercive talk and preaching, when it is really about living out a personal, loving relationship with one’s Father in Heaven that allows His Glory to be expressed on the earth in words and in miracles.

Where Are the Men

Andy Zoppelt

I have often wondered--where are the real men in Christianity? Somehow you can find them in the world, but where are they in the church? Someone once responded to the question of where are the men by saying, "We have asked them to become women."

A Vision of a Sickle

Neil Johnson

Often I feel overwhelmed by the need for God here in Wales, and also often feel that there are few who really hear His voice and show great signs of being prepared to get working with the strength and power of the Holy Spirit. And yet our Father is doing something tremendous and is encouraging many to keep receiving His Grace.

Better Than Hippies

Wolfgang Simpson

Why am I writing about this? Because historically, Christianity and its 40,000 denominations – plus the myriads of Christian folks that believe they are independent even of the independents – has been split and re-split into “spiritual tribes,” celebrating the legacy of a human founder, the chief of a spiritual chiefdom, his strengths blunted and weaknesses magnified through the ages.


Ross Monk

I am not sure if you believe that God has favourites or not?
I believe that there are certain things that we can do to
attract God’s ‘favour’ into our lives, and things that we can do
to appropriate such.

Discerning Of Spirits

Ross Monk

" ...and to another workings of powers, to another prophecy; and to another discerning of spirits; and to another kinds of tongues; and to another the interpretation of tongues. But the one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing...

Potatoes - questions from a prophetic dream

David Roseveare

Editorial introduction 

Prophetic dreams often raise important questions about what we accept as part of our spiritual journey.  Such dreams and the consequential questions are normal and healthy, and can stimulate our spiritual growth....


Linda Lomey

Late one April afternoon in 1945 a little girl was playing near the creek that ran down past the home where she lived with her family: her mum and dad, four sisters and two brothers; all older than herself. It was a forbidden place to play;


The Household of God


I know where I belong. I’m a living stone. In His house I belong.

It is an amazing and thought provoking story, the story of God’s desire for a family and His bringing it about.  It is a story of success and tragedy, failure and betrayal and...

Failed Relationship


Q. Look at the beginnings of failed relationship in Genesis 3:1-9 and ask “what is happening here? “. Who closed off, man or God?

Separation or not?

Q. What were you taught about this story?

Most of us seem to have been taught something of the...