Prophetic Messages

A New Wave


As I was in prayer in April of 1996, God revealed in a series of visions that a new wave of the Holy Spirit is about to come. This wave has two stages. Firstly for renewal in the Family of God and for some a return to salvation, and secondly to culminate in a national Holy Spirit move with compelling calls for salvation.

Unready Soldiers


I awakened from a prophetic dream where I was part of a squad of about 30 men who were trained to parachute drop into problem zones and deal with situations.

The Sleeping Giant - The Church and Christchurch Earthquakes


There are many opinions about what God is doing in the earthquakes that are continuing to rock Christchurch. The combination of natural and spiritual events may be too much to get our heads around completely, but we seem driven to try to make some sense of these things. Many opinions are just human points of view and do not come from the heart of God or represent who He is.

To the People of New Zealand


I believe that it is time to share this word which I received from Father a year ago.  I have waited on Him to let this word mature and clarify what I believe He meant.

17 November 2016

Today as I waited upon our dear Father to hear what He...

Walking as a Prophetic son of God


A word for action

"I Call for a Knowing of My heart
It is easy for prophetically wired people to come and take information from My throne, and from the spirit around them. It is quite another thing to hear My heart so the application of that...

Prophetic word for New Zealand

Graham Cooke

The Lord would say to this nation that He adores, "This is the place and this is the time of My choosing. This is the nation where I choose to do as I please. This is more than just your time, this is My time.

Prophetic word for Christchurch 2016

Graham Cooke

The Lord is saying that Christchurch is a gateway city. It’s a gateway city to the Kingdom for this nation. It will not be the only gateway city but it will be the first. For there is a move of God already begun in this city,...

A Vision of a Sickle

Neil Johnson

Often I feel overwhelmed by the need for God here in Wales, and also often feel that there are few who really hear His voice and show great signs of being prepared to get working with the strength and power of the Holy Spirit. And yet our Father is doing something tremendous and is encouraging many to keep receiving His Grace.

The Wave

Kevin Grant

I saw a huge wave moving along. At the bottom of the wave the water colour was green brackish colour. There were people swimming in it oblivious to what was around them. The top of the wave was a beautiful blue and white colouration. This wave represents the new move of God that is upon us.

Restoration Now

Ross Monk

I believe that God is giving to passionate believers a window of opportunity to be “Stirred up by the Holy Spirit” for this hour that we are living in.