Friend Father Lord Oneness


Who do you know God as?

Friend? There with you no matter what? Psalm 37:1-4

Father? A faithful friend who Loves you and ticks you off when you need it? Fathers give their children good faithful advice and guidance and expect their children to...

God and Life - 3 Parts to a son



I am giving a quick snapshot view of this. It won’t cover everything but it will give some understanding of the real issues of spiritual identity and operation we face.

What are the pictures you have of the makeup of man? (spirit, soul,...

The Suicide Spiral


The suicide spiral is a predictable favourite method demons use to disempower and destroy the viability of human life

You can identify someone's condition and where they are on this spiral and feed them the antidote to the serpents bites.

Healing Spiritual wounds (2)


I believe that in bringing healing to someone, what we are doing is bringing them into an experience of our Father loving them. Hopefully they will never recover. In fact the best outcome of what we are doing is to create another Father’s love addict.