Welcome to River Of Life website.  We hope and pray that your life is richer as a result of using it.  We believe that God is calling people into close relationship with Him, and He has been inspiring people with a hunger to experience His love, as well as know about His love.  There is nothing else quite like experiencing the love of Jesus Christ. Being infused with His love is comforting, healing and strengthening, and we desire to know Him and walk with Him more.  

The articles you will find on this website will help you to walk with Him and understand how His Kingdom works so you can live more closely connected to His Father's love.  Those who walk in our Father's love know Him to be nurturing, protective and the best life coach you will ever meet.  He understands our problems and is ready to help and rescue us whenever we give up on our agendas and surrender it all to Him.  

The only way to this two way relationship with our Father is through Jesus Christ.  He is the way to the Father, the truth of that way and in exchange for our brokenness, He gives us His life with the Father to live from.  The articles you will find on this website will hopefully help you to understand how to live a life more enriched by deeper relationships with Jesus, the Father and Holy Spirit.  There are different perspectives expressed in these articles, so if an article isn't resonating with you, don't struggle with it, just move on to another one.

Using this website

This website contains articles that can be read and browsed as you desire, but are best used as a study guide. We contributed these articles to help you think through what you believe and help you identify what has been truly revealed to you. Whatever has been personally revealed to you by God Himself will be in tune with Bible writings, and is the real substance of spiritual life to you, affecting how you live and deal with your life in the physical world and every relationship you have with others.

That means using a bible with the article. When looking at the scripture highlighted in the article, also read the passage it comes from, other related scripture etc. Follow any interest trails you discover along the way and then come back to the article minutes, hours or days later to keep working through it. Please use the contact page on this website to ask any questions (or give us feedback on anything you see on this website).

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You can find other articles, including prophetic words and poetry in their relevant sections.

Happy browsing.