Linda Lomey

Late one April afternoon in 1945 a little girl was playing near the creek that ran down past the home where she lived with her family: her mum and dad, four sisters and two brothers; all older than herself. It was a forbidden place to play;


Catching The Thief?

Ross Monk

In this article, entitled “Catching The Thief,” I will bring to our attention, the severe and subtle actions of the one called satan, who is described by Jesus as one full of evil intentions, and a thief among Gods people.

Christchurch and Beyond


The picture I see is large and complex, yet has some touch points that point to areas of serious lack in our Christian culture across the church of this city.  Prior to the earthquakes and other disastrous events across New Zealand, I and other prophetic people were warning all who would hear that sorrows were coming if the Family of God did not quickly respond to His calls for intimacy and personal spiritual growth.

Creed - what do you believe?


This is a list of basic beliefs or statements of faith, commonly called the Apostles Creed, developed over time as a summary of foundation truths that Christians should believe.  Differences in the way these statements are interpreted have

Dealing with Attacks


Who do you know God as?

Friend? There with you no matter what?

Father? A friend who Loves you and ticks you off when you need it? Fathers give their children good advice and guidance and expect their children to follow it.

Lord ? Friend and father...

Dealing with Condemnation


Condemnation is the word used in English. In the Greek the word can mean "self condemnation" which simply means counting oneself judged out, or beating oneself up.

Condemnation is a common problem to most Christians. All of us have battled and...

Dealing With Demons



Jesus' teaching is that demonic action to do with Human beings has always been:-

  • to steal from us or to destroy what we are doing
  • to steal some aspect of our health or personality
  • to bring about death to our lives or our...

Discerning Of Spirits

Ross Monk

" ...and to another workings of powers, to another prophecy; and to another discerning of spirits; and to another kinds of tongues; and to another the interpretation of tongues. But the one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing...

Elect, Chosen


1 Peter 1:1  Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, to the elect sojourners of the Dispersion of Pontus, of Galatia, of Cappadocia, of Asia, and of Bithynia,

Elect, Chosen

What do you think that means?  Does it make sense in our personal...

Empowered Sons


Who can quote me the commission in Matthew 28:18 and Mark 16:15-18?

“You are grasping the transient and temporary nature of the world you live in, the environment of pain and suffering.
There will always be pain and suffering where there are...

Empowered Sons - How does it work?


Jeremiah 31.31 is a prophecy of the new covenant and how it works.

Behold, the days come, says the Lord, that I will cut a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah, not according to the covenant that I cut with their...

Empowered Sons - Living the life


Wells picture


 Michael explained that this picture is not what he sees but is close. He talked about the different nozzles in this fountain picture and what each does along with the wider bits not included in the picture and the way Holy...

Empowerment to Be


Empowerment is a hot subject with some Christians, and I have heard a few different theories about how to become empowered, and what the "secrets" to empowerment are. But as Jesus taught this, it is really quite simple and straight forward

Excerpt from a letter

Unknown Author

(I am simply passing this on to challenge our perspectives - MA)

I’m a simple little white girl from Florida who is now in Sudan taking in orphanage children to live with her.

I was really relieved when Jesus called me to move to Sudan and out of...

Failed Relationship


Q. Look at the beginnings of failed relationship in Genesis 3:1-9 and ask “what is happening here? “. Who closed off, man or God?

Separation or not?

Q. What were you taught about this story?

Most of us seem to have been taught something of the...