Setting up your day


Applying Jesus prayer toolbox

Please read through the article “Praying Effectively” before continuing.

Setting up your day

Julie and I have learned that our day goes a lot better if we set it up in prayer.   As I asked Dad about how to do...

Praying Effectively



There are some different types of prayer and many styles of praying.  Like many other Christians, I started Christian life knowing some things about what prayer is, but was somewhat confused about the rest because I didn't...

Praying defensively


Many of you have either not thought about this or not stumbled upon the fact that if you allow the enemy to attack you they will. We live in a spiritual war zone. Most of us acknowledge that without realising that there are some practical things...

Jesus' prayers


Many times in the gospels it is recorded that Jesus spent time in prayer.   When asked by the disciples how to pray, He gave an example of the sort of things that should be prayed for, and the manner in which to pray.   He prayed at the...