Praying Effectively



There are some different types of prayer and many styles of praying.  Like many other Christians, I started Christian life knowing some things about what prayer is, but was confused about the rest because I didn't really...

Praying defensively


When we discover that we are under pressure we eventually realise that we are living in a war zone.  It is not that we desire to be at war, but that darkness is at war with the Kingdom of God and therefore at war with us.  Our dear Father protects us to a degree and will always limit what comes against us, but sooner or later we realise that we can do something about our situation through prayer.  This article highlights the defensive aspect of proclamation prayer.

Setting up your day


Taking a few moments to pray into your new day can help bring some order and peace through the day.  This is about wisely using the foundation of prayer as Jesus taught us into your day.

Harvest and Prayer


We are at a time now when there is a lot of pressure on Christians, and on actively ministering Christians in some intense ways as our Father prepares His Family for the influx of people He wishes to bring into His Kingdom. It is even more important for us to depend on Him right now as we walk through battle after battle, with the enemy of our souls shifting ground to wear us down if possible. Prayer is our lifeline at this time and an encouragement burning in me to be written.