Excerpt from a letter

Unknown Author

(I am simply passing this on to challenge our perspectives - MA)

I’m a simple little white girl from Florida who is now in Sudan taking in orphanage children to live with her.

I was really relieved when Jesus called me to move to Sudan and out of...

Praying Effectively



There are some different types of prayer and many styles of praying.  Like many other Christians, I started Christian life knowing some things about what prayer is, but was somewhat confused about the rest because I didn't...

What are foundations?


Christians usually agree that a successful Christian life needs to be based on something. That something is a group of beliefs and truth about who we are, who God is, and how to relate to Him. I call that group of beliefs the foundations of...

Revelation Knowledge

Rodney W. Francis

I n the Christian realm there are two kinds of knowledge which we can have.  One (which we have all been caught up with at some time or other) is the knowledge we gain from learning ~ learning about God, learning about the Bible, learning...

Dealing With Demons



Jesus' teaching is that demonic action to do with Human beings has always been:-

  • to steal from us or to destroy what we are doing
  • to steal some aspect of our health or personality
  • to bring about death to our lives or our...

Empowerment to Be


Empowerment is a hot subject with some Christians, and I have heard a few different theories about how to become empowered, and what the "secrets" to empowerment are. But as Jesus taught this, it is really quite simple and straight forward

Perfectionism In Our Journey


More Aspects of Our Journey as I see it

A s I have taken time to consider prayerfully and reflect, there are a number of things about this Journey into our Father that are different from what we might have expected.  In a House Fellowship...

My Father's Grace For Sonship

Michael Arndt

>A small relational bloggish.

My Father has been sharing His heart with me.  I find more and more that He wants openness and good hearted sharing, for He loves strong gentle openness in relationships (not obligations or rules).  He...

Learning to Ride the Bike

Mike Diack

An analogy for church, and growing spiritually

Rev 3:20  Lo, I have stood at the door, and I knock; if any one may hear my voice, and may open the door, I will come in unto him, and will sup with him, and he with me.
Gal 6:15  for in...

Baptism in Water


Baptism in Water is not an optional extra in the Bible.  It is the necessary second step after first surrendering to Jesus and asking Him to come and live in us.   Baptism is important because going under the waters is symbolic of dying...

Total Surrender to Jesus Christ



Jesus said that eternal life is knowing the Father and Jesus in a personal way. (John 17:3)  For me, the best part of eternal life in the now is the delight of enjoying His companionship through the day. 

We can know that...

Understanding Repentance



What have you understood repentance to be? Nearly everyone I have come across has a slightly different view, yet there are common understandings about repentance among Christians. To me this variation of belief is a natural...

A New Wave


As I was in prayer in April of 1996, God revealed in a series of visions that a new wave of the Holy Spirit is about to come. This wave has two stages. Firstly for renewal in the Family of God and for some a return to salvation, and secondly to culminate in a national Holy Spirit move with compelling calls for salvation.