Spiritual Gifts and Sons


What are spiritual gifts? We can see spiritual gifts operating in the pages of scripture and it is encouraging to study the variety of them. Most of us go to Paul’s writings for a list of the various gifts he had observed. He writes of two classes...

The Importance Of Hearing Jesus

Rodney W Francis

If we do not hear what God is saying to us today, we miss the whole point of what Christianity is all about. I know my life has taken on a whole different perspective and dimension as I have devoted myself more and more to doing whatever Jesus says. I can say categorically - it works! It bears fruit! It opens doors! It enlarges one’s ministry calling in God! It releases more of the supernatural of God! It is just so much better!

The Holy Spirit At Work

Rodney W Francis

We are living in days when the Holy Spirit is seeking to reveal more of His ways to those who will be willing to follow Him. His ways are very different to man’s ways and so we need to learn what He is saying and requiring of us so we can have the greatest impact with our lives and ministries today.

Haggai - A messenger of the Lord Of Hosts!

Rodney W Francis

There are only two short chapters in the Book of Haggai, yet from beginning to end it is full of impact and challenge. 20 times in these two chapters there is mention of the words, “says the Lord. ” Of these 20 times we are told 14 times: “Thus says the Lord of HOSTS ” (“hosts” means “service, warfare”). God is the Lord of service and He is the Lord of warfare. In this book we see that God wants His people to be involved with Him

Kingdom Effectiveness


Most of us think about being effective for God at some stage or another. Kingdom dreaming is a good thing to do because Dad can share His thoughts with you while you are doing it. Unfortunately, devils try to share theirs as well, and those...

Walking as a Prophetic son of God


A word for action

"I Call for a Knowing of My heart
It is easy for prophetically wired people to come and take information from My throne, and from the spirit around them. It is quite another thing to hear My heart so the application of that...

Praying defensively


Many of you have either not thought about this or not stumbled upon the fact that if you allow the enemy to attack you they will. We live in a spiritual war zone. Most of us acknowledge that without realising that there are some practical things...

The Name of God


There are several expressions used for God in the Bible, many of them beginning with El, which simply means “god” or “deity”.   When the word is extended in Hebrew, a clearer meaning emerges:

Elyon – God Most High
Eloah / Elohim – One of...

Jesus' prayers


Many times in the gospels it is recorded that Jesus spent time in prayer.   When asked by the disciples how to pray, He gave an example of the sort of things that should be prayed for, and the manner in which to pray.   He prayed at the...

Mary and Martha


A story of growth

No two people have the same relationship or walk with God, and the “mountains and valleys” experienced on our spiritual journey also vary. One of the clearest examples of this is in the story of two sisters, Martha and Mary.



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