Empowered Sons


Who can quote me the commission in Matthew 28:18 and Mark 16:15-18?

“You are grasping the transient and temporary nature of the world you live in, the environment of pain and suffering.
There will always be pain and suffering where there are...

Surrender is a weapon


Surrender to Jesus is a weapon and a key of our warfare against condemnation and against darkness.
The Kingdom of God is the "upside down" Kingdom. What loses in the worldly wins in the Kingdom of God if it is applied correctly.

Dealing with Condemnation


Condemnation is the word used in English. In the Greek the word can mean "self condemnation" which simply means counting oneself judged out, or beating oneself up.

Condemnation is a common problem to most Christians. All of us have battled and...

Prophetic word for New Zealand

Graham Cooke

The Lord would say to this nation that He adores, "This is the place and this is the time of My choosing. This is the nation where I choose to do as I please. This is more than just your time, this is My time.

Prophetic word for Christchurch 2016

Graham Cooke

The Lord is saying that Christchurch is a gateway city. It’s a gateway city to the Kingdom for this nation. It will not be the only gateway city but it will be the first. For there is a move of God already begun in this city,...



John 15:7 If you abide in Me, and My Words abide in you, you shall ask what you will, and it shall be done to you.

Jesus said this because there are 2 streams of existence in us. Jesus Life and self life (man life)

Jesus practiced living out of...

Creed - what do you believe?


This is a list of basic beliefs or statements of faith, commonly called the Apostles Creed, developed over time as a summary of foundation truths that Christians should believe.  Differences in the way these statements are interpreted have

Elect, Chosen


1 Peter 1:1  Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, to the elect sojourners of the Dispersion of Pontus, of Galatia, of Cappadocia, of Asia, and of Bithynia,

Elect, Chosen

What do you think that means?  Does it make sense in our personal...



Our God is always creating, always beginning, always doing new things with new people.  When things or people go awry, He starts again with someone else.  Seth, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, David, and many others...



Fire in the natural world is created when energy is released. In the spiritual world, the release of spiritual “energy” can also give the same result. In Christian circles we often talk about the “fire of God” – using the word to describe the feeling of His presence along with words like “glory”, “refining” “power” etc.

Catching The Thief?

Ross Monk

In this article, entitled “Catching The Thief,” I will bring to our attention, the severe and subtle actions of the one called satan, who is described by Jesus as one full of evil intentions, and a thief among Gods people.