RiverLife News - Readiness for Sonship

Published December 28, 2022 15:41

Readiness for sonship is not really understood. The difference between sonship and other stages of our Christian walk are not really understood either. Some seem to think that walking as a son of ...

Growing into Sonship

Published July 12, 2022 21:21

There is a new wave of hunger sweeping across the peoples of the earth. It is a similar shift to one I sensed years ago but this has more components of hunger, dissatisfaction with the miracle ...

RiverLife News

Published July 13, 2020 19:54

Some are talking about more plagues to come soon. Dad has not spoken to me specifically about more plagues but He has been talking for the last few years about sorrows. We will see what this ...

RiverLife 13 August 2018

Published August 13, 2018 14:29

We are at a time now when there is a lot of pressure on Christians, and on actively ministering Christians in some intense ways as our Father prepares His Family for the influx of people He ...

RiverLife News Nov 2017

Published November 30, 2017 11:42

Harvest thoughts

As I reflect this morning on aspects of our trip through Europe, what speaks loudest to me is the perception God gave of the readiness of His harvest through the parts we ...

RiverLife News May 2017

Published May 10, 2017 15:07

Hi Family of God, this is what I am seeing and hearing on Dad's heart today.

The times of testing and trial over the past months have been about readiness for promotion in anointings and ...

RiverLife news May 2017

Published May 09, 2017 20:05

A word to Bethabara folk and wider.

"Well done fighting for focus and pushing through with truth when distractions come. There’s so much more to this. Events will push back at us and there will ...

Riverlife News May 2017

Published May 03, 2017 10:05

Dear Family,

A message I heard from Dad for all of us.

"Look up. Stop looking at the failure and pressures of this world and look up to see Me.
 I AM so much more than this. My Glory ...

RiverLife news April 2016

Published April 23, 2016 14:23


Prophetic dreams are not a frequent thing for me, and I do not normally remember dreams beyond a few minutes after waking. However I knew this was God speaking to me after I woke, ...

RiverLife News 17 September 2015

Published September 17, 2015 08:25

Elect, Chosen

What do you think that means? Does it make sense in our personal thoughts about who we are?

The Greek word in 1 Peter 1:2 means elect or chosen. It speaks into our identity ...

RiverLife News 12 August 2011

Published August 15, 2011 13:45

Greetings all! I think that many of us are hearing God saying that He wants us to walk in a closer way with Him right now. This has certainly been something that has cropped up in...... click ...

RiverLife News July 6 2011

Published July 06, 2011 18:40

For some time I have seen and believed in the Kingdom goal of ordinary members of the Family of God (with an extraordinary Father) moving steadily and miraculously forward following their ...