Being a son of God

Surrender is a weapon


Surrender to Jesus is a weapon and a key of our warfare against condemnation and against darkness.
The Kingdom of God is the "upside down" Kingdom. What loses in the worldly wins in the Kingdom of God if it is applied correctly.



John 15:7 If you abide in Me, and My Words abide in you, you shall ask what you will, and it shall be done to you.

Jesus said this because there are 2 streams of existence in us. Jesus Life and self life (man life)

Jesus practiced living out of...

Dealing with Condemnation


Condemnation is the word used in English. In the Greek the word can mean "self condemnation" which simply means counting oneself judged out, or beating oneself up.

Condemnation is a common problem to most Christians. All of us have battled and...

Achieving Balance


All sons and daughters of God have pastoral and prophetic ability. It just exists in different strengths in each of us because we are each uniquely made, which is our Father's pleasure.

Friend Father Lord Oneness


Who do you know God as?

Friend? There with you no matter what? Psalm 37:1-4

Father? A faithful friend who Loves you and ticks you off when you need it? Fathers give their children good faithful advice and guidance and expect their children to...

Setting Spiritual Boundaries


There are those who have not really thought a lot about who Christians are in this world and the various types of prayer we can use.  We know that our enemy prowls about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, but have not really...

Setting up your day


Taking a few moments to pray into your new day can help bring some order and peace through the day.  This is about wisely using the foundation of prayer as Jesus taught us into your day.

Dealing With Demons



Jesus' teaching is that demonic action to do with Human beings has always been:-

  • to steal from us or to destroy what we are doing
  • to steal some aspect of our health or personality
  • to bring about death to our lives or our...



John 17

You are on a journey of knowing your Father. Jesus said something quite profound in John 17:3 And this is life eternal, that they might know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.

The Greek word Know here is to...

God and Life - 3 Parts to a son



I am giving a quick snapshot view of this. It won’t cover everything but it will give some understanding of the real issues of spiritual identity and operation we face.

What are the pictures you have of the makeup of man? (spirit, soul,...



Many Christians have become reluctant to use this term “servantship” because they have heard it used to justify a lot of manipulation, coercive talk and preaching, when it is really about living out a personal, loving relationship with one’s Father in Heaven that allows His Glory to be expressed on the earth in words and in miracles.

Empowered Sons


Who can quote me the commission in Matthew 28:18 and Mark 16:15-18?

“You are grasping the transient and temporary nature of the world you live in, the environment of pain and suffering.
There will always be pain and suffering where there are...