Total Surrender to Jesus Christ


You might be thinking that the title for this article is extreme, and perhaps it is radical.  However the more we experience the love of God the more we want to. He is a loving and lovely person and to be involved with Him is to want...

Understanding Repentance


What have you understood repentance to be? Nearly everyone I have come across has a slightly different view, yet there are common understandings about repentance among Christians. This variation of belief is a natural process that comes out of...

A New Wave


As I was in prayer in April of 1996, God revealed in a series of visions that a new wave of the Holy Spirit is about to come. This wave has two stages. Firstly for renewal in the Family of God and for some a return to salvation, and secondly to culminate in a national Holy Spirit move with compelling calls for salvation.

A Wounded Spirit

Rodney W. Francis

When we are afflicted by a wounded spirit we are unable to step out boldly to obey the Holy Spirit, and therefore so much of God’s purposes for us are lost through our inability to release faith in a consistent manner. The subject of a wounded spirit is an important one, as it affects so many people. Many don’t even understand what it is, or how it can affect us.

Magnetic Transformation


There are some striking similarities between what God has designed into the nature of materials and substances that we are using in daily life and the ways that we are in the kingdom of God. One of these is magnet making.

Get your own well working


Many of God’s Family have come through the door of salvation into the kingdom and not much further. Jesus, however, actually talked more about living in His kingdom than about being saved. He taught us about living in His kingdom in such a way that we would be full of everlasting Life.

Prophetic Warning

Rick Joyner

The following warning was given by Rick Joyner in 1989

Every congregation which is not effectively “equipping the saints for the work of the ministry” will find itself being scattered and disbanded.

The church will not continue to be a big sheep...