Prophetic word for leaders and ministries 2016

Prophetic word for leaders of churches & ministries
Given by Graham Cooke on 13 March 2016 at the Aglow National Conference in Christchurch

I believe the Lord wants to say to you “I want you on my side, I want you on my team, because I’m saying to you, says the Lord - you are – now – keepers of the promise.

I want you to take these words. I want you to transcribe these messages, take these words, take other words that other people are saying, that correspond and I want you to study them. I want you to enter into a dialogue with me. I want you to set time aside to talk with me about these things. I want you to pray them over your people. I want you to proclaim them in your messages. I want you to bring them into your planning. I want to release them into your ministry. I want you to develop them in your people. I want you to teach them as a habitation. I want you to cultivate them in your authority. I want you to walk in them as Abraham walked in his. I want you to have respect for the promises of God. And I want you to understand that this is your open door. And this is personal to me, with you - this is personal. This is your open door.

I am saying yes to you – this is your moment to enter into a yes relationship with me. I grant you all these things spoken. I joyfully give them to you. I grant them to you and I ask in return that you take me for granted. Take me for granted. Take me for everything I’ve got. I dare you. I challenge you. I’m so with you. I’m so for you. And this, I believe, will be the greatest time in your ministry and the greatest opportunity you ever had in life. And I ask you to enter into this time with me to explore the fullness and the abundance that I’m so longing to give you – that my son was dying to give you. This is your time. This is your time. This is the day of the Lord. And all these things – none of them are a future word. They are all a now word. They’re here for you now. So talk to me now. Say yes to me now. I’ll help you with all the stuff. I’ll help you with all the stuff. I’ll give you the strategy to bring it into your people. I’ll teach you, I’ll talk to you, we’ll plan together. We will plan the demise of the enemy. We will plan the demise of negativity. We’ll make war on it laughing, and we will plan the entrance of the Kingdom into this nation and this country will see something it has never seen, in all of its history.

And there will be new friends and new fellowship and there’ll be a oneness and a unity that will rise up, so I ask you – walk with me – walk through this door that I have opened in your heart and in your ministry. Come up here. Behold I open a door that no one can close, and it is open now. And there is a whole new territory that belongs to you now, because it belongs to us. So I bless you says the Lord. Whatever you want, whatever you need, ask me, the answer is yes. I’m going to give you a shocking abundance – an abundance and a fullness that will shock you – it will blow all your paradigms. This is the day of outrageous living. This is like Pentecost. This is like the day when the temple was dedicated – it’s like that day when no one could stand up in the presence. This is like Pentecost when I blew in and everyone fell over. This is as shocking as that. This is that day. This is that day. This is the day like Israel crossing the Red Sea, and the Egyptians you’ve seen today, you’ll see them again no more forever - this is that day. This is that moment. This is as vibrant, and as shocking and as real as that. This is your time. Unparalleled, unprecedented blessing.
So Father I pray for every leader and ministry here. I pray for an outpouring of your spirit in their lives so big, so huge that it doesn’t matter how old we are or how young we are, because this move of God is full of energy, full of power, and so I ask Lord, that for those of us who have been leading for a long time and we’ve become tired, I ask for a new energy in the name of Jesus, I ask for a greater physical presence. I ask Lord that in the beginning of the abundance will be health and healing for our physical bodies. I pray that when we’re ready to go with you that we will not go because we’re ill. We’ll just go because it’s our time. So I ask Lord for new health, I ask for new strength. I ask for our bones to stop aching, I ask Lord for everything in our body to come back into full working order. I ask Lord for health and healing. I ask for miracles in our body, miracles in our flesh Lord, that we may rise up strong and powerful and healthy and these will be indeed outrageous days. And as that well-known ministry once said “these are the days of the King”. I think his name was Gandalf! These are the days of the King! If ever there was a prophetic word in a movie that was it! That was fascinating to me. Fascinating to me is this, is that that whole series of movies made the whole world put their attention on New Zealand. Those series of movies bounced all around this planet and everyone saw New Zealand and one of the last lines in the last film was ‘These are the days of the King’. I think that was prophetic for New Zealand. These are the days of the King. I believe in the natural the world’s eyes have been turned to New Zealand and now in the spirit. What happened in the natural is now going to happen in the spirit.”

Added afterwards - for everyone
When we were praying about this event and about coming back into this country we felt like the Lord said my intention is to overload everyone with promise – it’s to overload you with promises until your circuits got fried. Our intention was to overwhelm you with the intentionality of God - that you would see how big the Lord intends to be upon your behalf.