Empowered Sons - Living the life

Wells picture


 Michael explained that this picture is not exactly what he sees but is close. He talked about the different nozzles in this fountain picture and what each does along with the wider bits not included in the picture and the way Holy Spirit feeds these nozzles or wells.

John 3:16 The Love of My Father who wants to pour His Life through you, making you free of self and alive to Him all day. 

Self is necessary while we are on this planet but it should always be under spirit control.

Galatians 5:22 Paul is saying here that when Holy Spirit is in residence this is the evidence.
If He is living in you, you are able to bring self under the control or domination of your spirit.
All you have to do is connect with your spirit and it happens.

Without the Holy Spirit fully in residence, these fruits of spirit driven existence cannot be there, and even when He is it’s still a decision on our part, not passive resignation that allows us to bear these fruits that men pluck and eat.

You have been given a gift of resurrection Life that was fully activated at your water baptism. 1 Peter 3:21
Only His Life flowing through you can control self.
Only His Love sets you free. John 8:36
Only His love welling up on the inside heals and transforms us to be like Him.
It’s a daily walk and it’s about surrender

As we begin to yearn after Him and to dwell more fully in His love, we open our hearts to a whole hearted desire to really know our Father as He is, to bask in His love and being thereness and revel with abandon in His companionship.

Forgiveness is not possible without His Life and Love welling up inside
Grace and Mercy are not possible without His Life and Love welling up inside

Q. His Love manifests in different ways inside us. What are some ways you know?
Warm fuzzy, peace, compassion for others etc.

Realising that we are operating from the depth and breadth of the Kingdom and with the full backing of our Father and the freedom His Life gives, helps us to realise that those who are giving us a hard time are captives of devils and self in ways they cannot understand, but we can take control of when we are acting from a Spirit led perspective.