Setting Spiritual Boundaries

There are those who have not really thought a lot about who Christians are in this world and the various types of prayer we can use.  We know that our enemy prowls about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, but have not really prayed much further than asking Jesus to do everything for them and look after them in every way which includes protection.  That is fine at the start of our walk with Him, however there comes a point where our Father expects us to begin to stand up and take territory ourselves.  Once we start there we also need to learn to hold what we have taken in prayer.  This is what this article is all about.  We will look here at one aspect of holding our spiritual space.

Praying defensively

Many of you have either not thought about this or not stumbled upon the fact that if you allow the enemy to attack you they will. We live in a spiritual war zone. Most of us acknowledge that without realising that there are some practical things we can do about it.

1) Use your God given Family authority.

2) Get used to functioning well in declaration prayer. i.e. – What you say is what you get.

3) Listen to Holy Spirit as you pray so He can show you the bits and pieces you need to take care of.

The first thing to do is to set up boundaries and exclude the enemy from your living zone.

The second is to break the power of all curses against you, your family or anyone else in your living zone.

Then nullify the power of all witchcraft, directive prayer and every dark talisman in range of your zone.

The cleanup is done, now set up your home/base zone with blessing. Speak in every blessing you can imagine and use. Invite Dad to make His presence real and effective whether you feel like it or not. Thank our Father that He is our Shield and very great reward.

I do this after every meeting because there will be dark bits of baggage or spirit stuff drop off as we pray for one another.

Living in a war zone means that we need defensive strategies and offensive strategies. The strategies I have come from listening to Dad. I am sure that there are others but the principles will be the same and centre on us knowing who we are as members of His Family and understanding how the enemy works.

[After praying together in a spiritual offensive “intercessory” meeting it is wise to set boundaries up against counter attack on all those present, their families and all they represent, issuing standing rebukes against all counterattack before it starts]