Setting up your day

Applying Jesus prayer toolbox

Please read through the article “Praying Effectively” before continuing.

Setting up your day

Julie and I have learned that our day goes a lot better if we set it up in prayer.   As I asked Dad about how to do that He progressively showed each part of what follows.   There are various kinds of prayer involved from declaration to supplication and Jesus’ toolbox lets us easily remember and pray into each department of the new day.

Practically speaking, we are not morning people so I go and make a cuppa and we sit up in bed, drink and pray while we are waking up, knowing that whether we stumble sleepily through this or not, a powerful effect goes through our day.

The first thing Dad pointed out is that what happens as we sleep is that who we are spiritually expressed into the spiritual environment around us diminishes, or sometimes goes into negative depending on the dream progression while we sleep.   So we start with resetting and declaring out who we are into the new day and into the spiritual environment all around us.   Something like this:-

Thank you Father for this new day, we declare into it who we are – son and daughter of the living God, highly favoured and blessed, called, chosen, anointed, walking tabernacles of Your presence power and glory.

Then, as He has shown us we start to pray into the important parts of the new day, using our authority to make room for Him to move as widely as possible across our lives and the planet.

We speak peace to this city and peace to those who dwell in it. We speak peace into the earth and into every part of the earth, tensions be released without damage or loss of life.

We speak peace into the atmospheres. Into the spiritual- come into line with our Father’s desired outcomes, into the physical –weather systems come and go without further damage or loss of life.

We speak peace to this nation and all the other nations and city states, peace to those who dwell in them and peace to the stateless ones.

We speak peace and blessing to our persecuted brothers and sisters, Father we cry out save them and deliver them. We pray for those who persecute Father for revelation of Jesus in dreams visions and encounters and the power to surrender and repent no matter what holds them.

We speak blessing to ourselves, to our lives, to everything in our lives so that it return its blessing to us. Blessing to all those whose lives intersect with ours. Blessing to all our contacts. Blessing to our families. Blessing to all those within the reach of our words and those You wish to bring there. Blessing to all those we will meet with today. Blessing into our workplaces, working environments and into our working relationships. Blessing to all those across Australasia who are making decisions for finance, governance or recovery and rebuild – we call all those decisions into line with our Father’s desired outcomes. Into every cloud of blessing we pray – Your Name be hallowed, revered, respected, Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on here earth just as in Heaven!!!

Father we ask for daily bread in every way. For revelation, quickening and inspiration, for health, strength and vitality, for refreshing of these minds and bodies, for rejuvenation of these bodies and minds, for provision, thank you for it, thanks for personal provision and for project provision, we call it in from heaven and earth. Thank you.

Thank you for your great forgiveness in Jesus Christ. We desire to pour out forgiveness and life just like You so please open our wells and keep them open through the day.

Father we desire transformation from the inside out, so please change all our negative bits to positive, so please don’t lead us into testing but deliver us from evil in every way.

It’s Your power, Kingdom and Glory, always was and always will be. Thank you so much for sharing and drawing us in.

Then we pray for our Family. We also ask Him to speak through us all day as He chooses, whether we are aware of it or not.