Transformation in the Nation - Pt 1

By Ross Monk

Part 1 of 2

I have had some thoughts on writing for RiverLife, giving my view as to how I see the situation in Christchurch and what I feel God is saying in it all.

Firstly I do not feel that it is time to be judgmental in what has and is happening. Anybody can be a self proclaimed prophet in hindsight. We don’t need to be judgmental people at this time, but instrumental. This I will explain more about in a moment.

I think that the last thing people need to hear is someone coming to them and telling them how this is God’s judgment on them. If it wasn’t for the grace of God, none could stand before Him and claim purity or the right to the position we have as His children.

What is emerging to us all is the fact that the city of Christchurch is a city that has been built in a place that has issues with where it has been built. For example its foundational structure is like many other places throughout the world, not good when shaking takes place.

We can all be very wise now and wonder why men chose such a place, but then we are just like a multitude of other peoples around the world who have lived over hundreds of years on the same site where destruction has happened in the past, but never think that it could happen again. It is so easy to fall into the same old way of thinking that all will be well and nothing could ever happen in our little piece of paradise.

Just about every nation in the world is being reminded that nothing is forever.

Like the song says: “Kings and kingdoms will all pass away, but there is something about that Name”. That is the name of Jesus that believers hold dearly to, and to His promise of eternal life and eternity forever with Christ. This world is a temporal place. Jesus said that we should not build upon sand, but then again we are all wise in hindsight.

I do not think that is this the time to call down the wrath of God upon a vulnerable people. It is the time for God’s people to be Christ-like and to embrace the people without a smug superiority attitude, and to become God’s instruments of healing. We all need to have an overwhelming desire to be a healer and a comforter in this time of uncertainty. Whenever God sent His prophets in the past it was always to remind the people of His love for them, and then speak His plans for the future if only they would follow his ways.

The heart of God is always redemptive in nature. There can be no doubt that we are daily confronted with the fact that we are living in uncertain times. But what an opportunity there is for God’s people to carry a message from the heart of our heavenly Father that people can find certainty and security in the true and living God.

Let us believe to have a modern day miracle so that out of the tragedy might come a transformation.

...... To be Continued

Ross Monk

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