Prophetic Messages

Vision For Christchurch/Canterbury



I am not accustomed to seeing visions on a regular basis but visions have been a part of my Christian walk over the last thirty odd years.  I have learned to test them against the themes of scripture and according to what I know...

Transformation in the Nation - Pt 1

Ross Monk

Firstly I do not feel that it is time to be judgmental in what has and is happening. Anybody can be a self proclaimed prophet in hindsight. We don’t need to be judgmental people at this time, but instrumental. This I will explain more about in a moment.

What the Lord showed me in the Earthquake

Cathy Jozis

When the major earthquake hit Christchurch, I felt compelled to watch the horror on TV as I tried to recognise landmarks that we had seen only two years before, where we had stayed only a 40 minute stroll from the city centre. I wept as I watched,

Preparations for this time

Paul Keith Davis

A dark night of the soul! That is an expression I often hear as I travel throughout the U.S. and abroad. Seemingly, many believers are going through a process that is difficult and painful. Nevertheless it is for a fruitful cause.

Christchurch and Beyond


The picture I see is large and complex, yet has some touch points that point to areas of serious lack in our Christian culture across the church of this city.  Prior to the earthquakes and other disastrous events across New Zealand, I and other prophetic people were warning all who would hear that sorrows were coming if the Family of God did not quickly respond to His calls for intimacy and personal spiritual growth.

God's Grace in Crisis

Matt Cornford

Earthquake Thoughts - A conversation with God, 20 June 2011

In my mind I see one region, surrounded by 3 previously undiscovered fault-lines. 7500 earthquakes in less than 10 months, 5 significant earthquakes causing widespread utility outage. A...

Prophetic Warning

Rick Joyner

The following warning was given by Rick Joyner in 1989

Every congregation which is not effectively “equipping the saints for the work of the ministry” will find itself being scattered and disbanded.

The church will not continue to be a big sheep...

Word for Christchurch Leaders



Here is an outline of what I am perceiving about Christchurch and beyond, and what we are perceiving as a group. I hope this  resonates with many people in Christchurch but am concerned that it will be heard by very few.  I...