Kingdom Effectiveness

Most of us think about being effective for God at some stage or another. Kingdom dreaming is a good thing to do because Dad can share His thoughts with you while you are doing it. Unfortunately, devils try to share theirs as well, and those thoughts are either depressing or wildly over the top and pressure filled, causing us to move too quickly with people or give up. Our Dad’s thoughts about being effective with Him are never over the top or forceful with people, always appropriate and always lifting and encouraging for all involved.

There is a process of growing and healing that Dad walks us through, and as we go, we help this by walking out surrender and repentance every day. I have met Christians who think and have been taught that surrender to Jesus is what we do to enter the Kingdom and that’s it, but Jesus taught in John 15:1-17 that we need to continue or live in Him and that is not a one-time thing, but a relationship. If we took the same approach with our marriages, they would not keep their sweetness for long.

Just as marriage needs 100% attention and work from both partners to be good and stay good, so does your relationship with Jesus, Dad and Holy Spirit. On our part that involves living out our days in partnership with Him, giving Him our problems, asking for help, giving Him our bad mindsets / faults and asking for transformation, sharing all the good things with Him as we go along, and generally keeping our hearts open to Him as much as we can through every day. He lives in you waiting for you to share your life with Him and waiting to share His life with you.

Some people are not sure what repentance is. Somehow, we seem to think that it is all about seeing that we are bad and need to grovel at His feet for forgiveness. Repentance is simply turning away from self-based attitudes and looking in His direction expecting to see Him come through, lighting up our lives in any way possible and stepping into delighting in Him. Repentance is about what our attention is on in both long-term and short-term ways.

At points in this journey with Him, He asks us to stop focusing on things that are not helpful to us. Self may not like that, but if we take Dad’s advice on these things, we will see an increase in our measure of faith and therefore our Kingdom effectiveness.

Dad wants to pour out His love through us and around us. He wants to pour out His power through us and around us. He waits for us to grow enough spiritual muscle and relationship with Him to be able to carry love and power in greater measure without being side-tracked by it. Then He anoints us with more empowerment to live as Kingdom agents.

How much more? There is no limit to His love, but there is a limit to how much power you can carry without being overcome, so Holy Spirit sometimes restrains Himself so that you can walk with what He wants to do in partnership with you as a member of His Family. Walking in surrender and repentance, as a way of life, is how to walk in more of what He wants to do with you. If we understand that, we ask His help and transformation to change some of the ways we walk with Him. This is His Grace in action on the inside of us. Ephesians 3:14-19.

What do you think He really thinks of you? 

We think from a mix of Kingdom and worldly perspectives, but Dad always thinks from Kingdom perspectives. Surrender your thoughts to Him if they are negative or even positive because they need healing and transforming into His thoughts and perspectives which are always larger and more empowering than ours. If we wish to walk in His perspectives, we need to understand that He asks us to walk in surrender to Him because He is surrendering His Life to us. This needs to be a two-way thing to be fair to Him. Walking out surrender on a daily basis goes with heart focus on Him, which is really just another way of saying repentance. Surrender and repentance are linked.

What we speak to ourselves becomes important in this because your words are more powerful than you think. Whether you say it out loud or inside yourself, the things you say have the same effect. Positive statements have a positive effect and negative have a negative effect. Choosing to say what Dad says about you will have the best effects. Understand that there might be disagreement or even some conflict within you as you begin to say what He says, but that will change as you keep going.

All of these things contribute to being Kingdom effective.

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