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Published July 13, 2020 19:54

Some are talking about more plagues to come soon. Dad has not spoken to me specifically about more plagues but He has been talking for the last few years about sorrows. We will see what this looks like of course, but He has been talking about being fully prepared in the ways He is speaking to each of us and squared away ready for what He is asking each of us to do. 

I believe I do hear that this year is preparation time and a time to become strong in our individual relationship with Him. That is not just about being able to talk to and hear Him but to move with Him in power and Jesus authority given to us as sons. This authority works just as with Jesus. "I do what i see my Father doing and I speak out of what He is saying to me".

Dad doesn't want servants, soldiers, or robots who just do what they are ordered to. He wants sons who work with Him as full partners, one with Him in spirit just as Jesus in John 17 describes as He prays.

This is ready.

In this place we hear what to do, what to store or not, and what Dad wants to do with us next.  (E.g - Not much point storing if He wants you to move.)  So repent of hanging onto the things that make you feel too comfortable to pursue Him if you need to and pray.  Im not talking about just talking our heads off to Dad, Im talking about heart cries to really know Him and to really be effective here on earth.  Those are two heart cries he will always answer.  Just be aware that the answers will seldom be what you want, but always what you need. 

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