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RiverLife News May 2017

Hi Family of God, this is what I am seeing and hearing on Dad's heart today.

The times of testing and trial over the past months have been about readiness for promotion in anointings and callings.
There have been shifts going on in the spiritual...

RiverLife news May 2017

A word to Bethabara folk and wider.

"Well done fighting for focus and pushing through with truth when distractions come. There’s so much more to this. Events will push back at us and there will be victory peppered with defeat as you push on....

Riverlife News May 2017

Dear Family,

A message I heard from Dad for all of us.

"Look up. Stop looking at the failure and pressures of this world and look up to see Me.
 I AM so much more than this. My Glory encompasses you so look up and believe.