RiverLife news May 2017

Published May 09, 2017 20:05

A word to Bethabara folk and wider.

"Well done fighting for focus and pushing through with truth when distractions come. There’s so much more to this. Events will push back at us and there will be victory peppered with defeat as you push on. Still, continue. The defeat is only a setback not a full stop so persevere and prevail.

Life is full of ups and downs and it’s your job to continue to encourage those around you to trust Me no matter what. That’s the mark of a winner. Keeping focussed on the positive instead of encapsulated and defined by the negative. Either winners in Jesus Christ or losers in self (condemnation).

It’s a bold and powerful choice being made by you and so many others in this hour. So let’s press on together and be magnificent, effective to great and small as We work together into this world and the great sea of humanity.
 I Am with you.
Affectionately, your Dad."

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