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Published April 23, 2016 14:23


Prophetic dreams are not a frequent thing for me, and I do not normally remember dreams beyond a few minutes after waking. However I knew this was God speaking to me after I woke, and it has stayed with me like other dreams of prophetic nature I have experienced. I invite you to view the dream and the interpretation I was given with an open and scripture ready mind, reaching past any cultural mindsets to see what our Father might be trying to say as He encourages His family to be ready to walk into any and all situations ready to be His Kingdom people in all aspects of life on this earth.

The dream

I awakened from a prophetic dream where I was part of a squad of about 30 men who were trained to parachute drop into problem zones and deal with situations. We were in a barracks getting ready to take our part in a much bigger exercise and would be dropped at the edge of the airbase to do so.
As we packed our parachutes and geared up, I was deeply concerned without knowing why, that we were only packing light training chutes and were not wearing any protective gear or carrying any weapons, but were told that we would not need them as this was only a timing and positional exercise.
In the dream there was a strong sense I was feeling that we should be ready at all times for all outcomes, not be training ready only. Then as we were walking out on the tarmac to the waiting drop plane in the dark of the early morning, the airbase suddenly came to alert defensive stations, and vans from the armoury were sent screaming out to us and men piled out of them handing us weapons and explaining that we were to drop into an attack which was taking place on the edge of the base. I was looking at my other squad members in front of me seeing that they were not wearing Kevlar nor was there any body armour being handed to us, and knowing with a certain dread of impending failure that the parachutes our lives depended on were neither large enough nor strong enough to carry the extra weight. At this point I woke up.


Christians are in training mode and go here and there to take part in yet more training, yet are not really fully prepared for spiritual battle in their homes and on the streets, do not carry enough parachute (working relationship with our Father), and are not carrying enough personal defensive armour (active heart belief that protects from the fiery darts of the enemy). We have learned to use some weapons in training mode but are not ready or used to going into full everyday battle nor are we trained for using the really powerful guns at our disposal.

The problem is the Christian cultural attitude we carry of a) deceptions of safety and b) of being game ready in our barracks instead of being battle ready and equipping to battle readiness level. We are now in a season of action. Our Father has called us all into battle because the enemy knows what He is doing in this city and is trying desperately to shut us down wherever possible. That happens on a personal level.
Any thought a demon can use to push you into self condemnation is something that is a hole in your armour.
Any negative belief (doubt or fear) you carry in your heart will deprive you of your armour and your weapons.
A dysfunctional relationship with your Father in heaven will cause you to crash land every time instead of on your feet, ready to fight and able to stand against all the enemy can throw at you.

If you perceive that this is speaking to you, and you don't know what to do about it, you can pray something like this.

"Father God, please draw me into closer heart contact with you.  I want to be battle ready so I am asking for revelation and I give you permission to do any preparation work to change me from the inside out.  I trust you to do it even when I get a bit scared or don't understand what you are doing.  I want to be effective for your Kingdom in all the ways you designed me to.  I ask in Jesus Name and thank you that you have already started to answer before I asked.  Amen"

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