Word for New Zealand

New Zealand God is hearing the prayers of His people. 

A healing is coming to the land. 

Many lives that have been broken and smashed in the journey of life will be healed. The plans that Satan has to destroy the land shall be brought to dust. The Lord God has been working quietly in the hearts of His people that He has Chosen to impart His glory in the nation of New Zealand and other nations. 

"In this time I have been preparing the church of New Zealand to be an Acts type of church. 
The heaviness and despair that has been over the land shall soon be lifted as the cloud of glory falls and covers the land.  There will be restoration in the economy and social areas.
The land will be governed in righteousness.
The land will be examples to the world of a righteous revival with miracles signs and wonders.
The revival fires will spread across the globe.