This season of Sonship

Through history we have seen waves of large Kingdom activity and seasons of God issuing major calls that are global in nature over the years.  During the 60's and 70's a major call to be re-involved with Holy Spirit, that resulted in what is called "the charismatic renewal" and from approximately 20 years ago up until September 2017 His call has been to return to the true Fatherhood of God, out of which have come several "Father-heart" movements.

In September 2017 I believe our Father (Dad) issued the beginning of a call to Sonship with a depth and measure that has not been seen before.   For some time He has been revealing and teaching some around the globe what this looks like, and also what the effects of this will be across the globe as His Family steps into who they really are.  All of this has been prophesied over the ages, although the prophets themselves may not have grasped the size of what they were talking about.

This season of Sonship also coincides with a great harvest as many souls are swept into the Kingdom.  The characteristics of this harvest are different from harvests that have been.  What this looks like is harvest happening at Holy Spirit's direction in the streets, workplaces and anywhere in the "market place" with new disciples being placed in discipling relationships and groups where there are available people helping them to grow in Christ.  Fully mature sons are most able to do this "watering and growing" work of the harvest.  One active anointed harvester will bring quite a few new believers into fellowship each week so connections to those available to effectively disciple are needed.

This happens best in small groups and house sized fellowships that are free to follow the dynamic meeting agendas that Holy Spirit desires where servant leadership and brotherly love is normal.  In an environment like that disciples quickly grow to be able to disciple others while always able to draw on the resource of others more mature in spiritual growth.  If you cannot imagine what this might look like, please use the contact page on this website to find someone who can help.