Prophecy for New Zealand

This is the prophetic word that God gave me on Sunday the 24th April 2016 for New Zealand.

In this land I will lift my peoples heads high.

I have called this land to shine forth in my glory in this hour.

I have heard the cries of my people in this nation.

I have seen the the despondency and discouragement of my people in this hour.

I have seen the desire of Satan to smash this land in this hour.

But the time has come when I will visit the church in this nation and take control.

I smash all forms of religion and deception that has plagued my church for too long.

My visitation will be for every person in this nation. As I BUILD MY Church in the lives of my people the glory will spread.

Every city will be revived. Every house will be revived. Every work place, government offices and every area of this nation will be revived.

Every form of pagan worship will be destroyed.

The government will be a righteous goverment.

The economy will be blessed.

The fires of revival will be transported to the rest of the world.

New Zealand will be my dwelling place in this season says God.

I will send many from this nation to carry my glory to other nations.

The battle that many have been facing in the spiritual realm that has made them tired and weary is about to lift as my glory comes.

Every prophetic word for many years that has been spoken over New Zealand is about to br fulfilled.