To the People of New Zealand

I believe that it is time to share this word which I received from Father a year ago.  I have waited on Him to let this word mature and clarify what I believe He meant.

17 November 2016

Today as I waited upon our dear Father to hear what He wished to say to me, I believe He began to speak this message recorded below.  Every person reading this will interpret these words in a slightly different way, so can I ask you to start in remembering that our patient and loving Father God is the one who is talking and even pleading with us here.  This message is primarily spoken to the Family of God, those who have "seen" and received Jesus Christ, God who was born into a human body, suffered and died and rose again to give us His eternal Life now.  

God is about to open up a new season of Godly action on the face of the earth.  I am not the only one prophesying that He is about to begin a greater gathering in of people to His Kingdom, than has been seen before.  Spiritual hunger is strong in people.  In this nation, we have been going through unusual troubles in the last few years, troubles that many would like to be at an end.  Jesus Himself prophesied this increase of troubles towards the end of this age during His time walking as an ordinary man.

For about 4 years now I believe He has been talking to me and revealing that there is a greater path of Sonship for us to walk in, than any of us have grasped.  We tend to see ourselves as small and insignificant in the great scheme of life and the universe, but what if He would like us to make a difference through us that we have not really seen yet?  Jesus did many things that were outstanding miracles and wonders as our Father led Him.  I believe a Son of God who is working in partnership with his/her Father can do all the things Jesus did and more, just as He said.  Jesus spoke into nature and brought change.  Jesus spoke into other things and situations and brought change. He did not have a failed miracle or hit and miss success with healing prayer. What if this is the life He wishes and planned for us too?

When you and I invited Jesus to come into our lives and surrendered to Him, that is just what He did, and He has been living in our spirit place ever since.  All of the resource to bring about change is in Him who is within us.  God Himself lives in us and as we partner with Him just as Jesus did, as He walked the earth in flesh and bone, we too bring His will to pass.  That means we are not necessarily subject to nature, and can bring our Father's will to pass as He guides us and leads us dynamically to do so.

I humbly present what I believe He has said to me today and ask you to receive His kindness and His wish to bless you.

My dear sons and daughters in Jesus Christ, sorrows are not over for this country. More earthquakes will come and more floods and devastation. Droughts also will hurt the land and farmers will cry out in anguish for their crops and beasts. I Am bringing man to realise that he cannot survive without Me, the Mighty God who would be his Father and hold and nurture him as a dear son, making all things come into agreement with him and to make him prosper and do well in the earth.

So it is time for every man to know that I wish to bless him, but not if he walks in a forward way, deliberately pursuing what he thinks is right in his own eyes and ignoring the calls I have sent his way.

Come let us agree together, men of New Zealand. Let us agree to walk together in righteousness and grace, shunning the ways of evil and greed, bringing about the tender care of the widow and orphan and establishing the ways of righteousness in the land of plenty, this land of fruitfulness that pours forth blessing at the touch of My hand.

I the Lord have spoken this and I will require of you that you walk humbly and sincerely with Me, putting the selfish ways aside, listening to Me and following all that I say to you. Selah.

Come to Me with all your heart for I have Great Grace to pour out into your lives. Have you not had enough of the sorrow that man's ways bring? The earth and the heavens are thoroughly fed up with him, the man of self and of unrighteousness. He is merely a parasite on the face of the earth, the one who walks in his own counsel and by his own standard, albeit a standard gleaned from My ways.

True righteousness comes from walking with Me and knowing My ways. There is no other who can save you. No other who can reverse the downward trend as the earth seeks to rid itself of the infestation of self that assails it.

Dear brothers and sisters, the cry of our hearts is to know him as He knows us.  If it is not, then perhaps our hearts need to be healed by Him.  What ever the case is, He always responds to a heart-felt prayer for help and to know Him more.  He always responds to our plea to rewrite with His lovely nature the damage that we take into our souls.  As He heals us He shows us who we really are, and who He created us to be.  Then we can stand and walk with Him, bringing change and restoration to this damaged world and to mankind.