200 Years - a prophecy for New Zealand

By Graham Cooke

I believe the Lord would say to us that all of heaven celebrates your birthing. As the nation 200 years of the Gospel. As a ministry 40 years ... that’s kind of like a coming of age.

And the Father says to us “I will no longer deal with you as with children, but as with sons and daughters of maturity. All of heaven is attracted to Jesus in you. All of heaven is attracted to Jesus in you.”

And the Lord would say to us that these are days of purification. These are like the days ... This is like the time of Esther. These are days of beautification and purification. There is a time set aside for this nation, which is now. And these are days when the Lord is beautifying the church in this country. Days of purification. Days when the hand of the Lord is going to be heavy upon us for transformation. Days when the Lord is doing a quickening work in our midst.

And I see a storm coming into this nation. A storm that will sweep away a religious spirit. A storm that will sweep through the body of Christ in this nation. And the Lord says that churches ... some will be swept away by that storm. And others will find themselves standing on a rock that is the Christ. And the Lord is saying He will send a storm on this nation and He will sweep away that which does not own His name, that which does not pursue His Spirit He will sweep away. But this storm also will cause us to be swept along in a whole new time of power and anointing unprecedented in this country’s history. But these are days of grace when God will set things anew and create things aright, when God will set in order that which belongs to heaven and that which belongs to the earth in this country.

And we will see a new order of the Spirit emerging and rising in this country. And the Lord says this storm will sweep away all rivalry and all competition so that the Kingdom emerges in this country, strong, powerful. And it will be a prototype for nations across the earth. And many will come to this nation to see what God is doing. There is a new level rising in this country. It’s called the Kingdom. And all and every church will bow to the requirements of the Kingdom in this country. And the storm that will come will blow away that religious spirit, will blow away that legalistic power, and will see a new body emerge in this country with a unity unprecedented in this country’s history. A move of God that will sweep things away, but also cause people to be swept up into a whole new place of anointing.

“And these are days” says the Lord “when the old man will disappear from your midst andthe new man will rise and emerge and be seen and be celebrated. And it shall be” says the Lord “that your whole vision will change. And you will see the Kingdom. You will see the glory of God. You will see the manifestations of the Spirit. And there shall be upon this country favour, upon favour, upon favour, upon favour, upon favour, upon favour, upon favour, upon favour. And you shall see in this country that which you have prayed for, for forty years will emerge, because this is the day of answered prayer.” 

So the Father challenges you, go back over your own history and things that you cried out for, and the things that you fasted for, for this is the day of prayer being answered. This is the day of dreams becoming true. This is the day of vision being realised. This is the day of prophecy long spoken over this nation coming to fulfilment. So the Father says there is already a word and words in this nation’s history that are soon to come to pass in this nation’s immediate future. And you shall see in the next 12 months prophetic words spoken decades ago coming to fruition. So the Father says He’s calling His bride, He’s calling His body to be students of the prophetic. Go back over your own words as an individual. Take out your own prophetic words and hold them up before the Lord because the Lord is saying “This is the time of fulfilment. This is the time of vision being realised, and dreams being fulfilled, and prophetic words long spoken coming to pass, that you may stand in your nation in this day and say ‘This is that which was spoken. This is that. This is that.’”

Things that we have prayed for, coming to fulfilment, coming to fruition. And the Father says, “I give you this day. This is your time. And this is your day. And everyone in this nation that names my name, that have had dreams and visions, now need to come and stand before me in a fresh way and call to me and say “Father, you said. Father, you said. Father, you said. Father, you said. I remember that dream I had in the ‘60s, in the ‘70s, in the ‘80s, in the ‘90s, and in recent times. I remember the visions that we used to pray for.” This is the time. This is the day of things coming to pass in this country. For behold” says the Lord “I set in your midst a quickening spirit, a spirit of divine acceleration. And you will know times in the prophetic, for this is a prophetic time for this nation. And you will know, you will hear prophecy spoken that will come to pass, not in years, not in months, not in weeks, not in days, but prophecies spoken in the morning will be fulfilled in the afternoon, because there is a spirit of divine acceleration upon you.”

So the Father says, “I give you permission. Call out to me. Take your words. Hold them in the air and say, “This is what you said to me. May it come to pass in this next 12 months. May this be the year of extraordinary things unfolding. And may new things be birthed. And may old things be established. And may the will of the Lord come to pass in your nation at this time.” And I call every church. I call every grouping. I call every city. I call every town and every village and every region. I call everyone everywhere that has a prophetic word in this country: HOLD IT UP! HOLD IT UP! For this is the day of fulfilment. This is the year of your rising. This is the year that New Zealand will rise like a hot air balloon, and that which tethers you to the earth will be cut, and you will soar in the Spirit in a way that you never have in your history before.

This is the year of the prophetic being fulfilled. This is the time of dreams being realised, and vision being established. And I am making all things new. And this storm that is coming will sweep away the old and cause a newness and a freshness to rise. And all those who have been in the ministry who are tired and weary will find new strength, and new zeal, and new passion.

“And it shall be” says the Lord “that you will do things that belie your age. It shall be that I will strengthen you, and I will freshen you, and I say to you “Do not say ‘My time is done’, because I say your time is beginning. Do not say, ‘that I am old’, for I say to you, your spirit is yet young. Do not say ‘I am too young,’ for I say to you, there is a maturity in your life that belies your years.”

For I am turning everything upside-down and inside- out. And you will live by what I call, and by what I speak.” And it shall be that the word of the Lord long spoken will begin to rise, and dreams will come back to us, and we will be renewed and refreshed and restored. And we will become the men and the women for this hour. And that which my bride has interceded for will come to pass, but stronger, and bigger, and more powerful than you ever prayed for. Because the Father says, “This is not just your day. This is my day. This is my day ... when I send a storm before Me to bring down that which should not be, and to raise up that which is ... to sweep away that which does not belong to me, and to sweep up all that I love and adore that my passion will be seen in this nation, that my passion for my bride will be realised in this country. And it shall be that leaders will be born-again again in a whole new move of the Holy Spirit. And it shall be that all those who decry the work of the Spirit shall be filled with the Holy Spirit and shall rise up, and there shall not be a dissenting voice in this country. But, there shall be a unity and a power that beggars belief.”

And the Lord says, “I will give to you, I will be for you, better than at your beginnings. Then that which caused Aglow to arise in this country, I will pour my fire upon that sacrifice. And you will see things that you have never seen before. Nations will come to your rising. And my bride will be seen in every province, in every city, in every town, in every village. And the Spirit will walk abroad in this nation, unfettered by religion.”

And the Lord says, “You will rise, and you will occupy a place in the heavens that I have set aside for you. And a favour unprecedented and unparalleled will walk in your midst. And

many will be swept into the Kingdom. But, the church will emerge in ALL of its glory, in all of its power. And the household of God shall be seen in the land. And the army of the Lord will be seen in the land. And the body of Christ will be seen in the land. And the temple of God will be seen in the land. And a city set on a hill shall be seen and a light will rise in the darkness so bright that it will blind the work of the enemy, and the bride will emerge in all her beauty, in all her glory. And all the facets of church will be seen in this nation.

And kings will come to you. Men and women of power and influence and substance will come and sup at your table. And miracles shall walk the earth, and signs and wonders in the heavens. The blessing of God will be seen in this country, because on your birthday I am birthing something new. On your birthday I am birthing something new in this nation never seen before. Not in this level. Not in this power. Not with this substance. I am birthing something, and it shall be the substance of dreams. And you will look at each other wide- eyed in wonder. And you will pinch yourself ‘Is this really it? Is this really happening?’ Because the window is open over this country, and a door is open in heaven, and I am coming through,” says the Lord. “And I am coming through to you, and you are coming through to me. And it shall be across the nation. There will be testimonies of people having angelic encounters, and having experiences of heaven. And that which you read in the Scriptures shall be seen and read in your newspapers, and television will broadcast testimonies. And on national TV, people will be reading out and interviewing people and there will be testimonies of the presence of God; unusual signs and wonders, creative miracles, medical profession testifying.” 

There is something happening in the health of this country, unprecedented and beyond our ability to control. This is the day of dreams coming true. This is the day of the vision of heaven coming into the earth. And it shall be unprecedented in your history. On your birthday I’m birthing something new. All the old things have passed away. The Father says to you, “Aglow, you’ve passed your tests. You have endured. You have been faithful. You have been faithful for 40 years, and now you will see the results of that faithfulness in this country, in Samoa, in Tonga, in the South Pacific. You shall see moves of God, unprecedented. And this shall be the stuff of dreams. All of heaven is attracted to Jesus in you. All of heaven is attracted to Jesus in you. And that as you worship, as you stand in that familiar place of worship, know” says the Lord “that a fresh anointing for worship and rejoicing and thanksgiving will take you up.

And you will become a nation of worshippers that also is a nation of warriors, champions, game-changers, people, men and women of significance will rise up in your midst across all the generations. This is a time in your history UN-PRECEDENTED! A day when prayers are being answered.” And you will hear the sound in the land of the Lord saying “Yes. Yes. Yes.

Yes.” And as you hear the divine ‘yes’, so the ‘yes’ in your heart will respond. We say “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.” And the sound in the nation will be ‘yes and amen,’ ‘yes and amen,’ ‘yes and amen,’ ‘yes and amen,’ ‘yes and amen,’ ‘yes and amen,’ ‘yes and amen.’ God saying yes to prayers being answered. God saying yes to your intercession. God saying yes when you hold your prophecy and your promise in the air. God saying yes to that, and yes to that, and yes to you, and yes to you, and yes to you, and yes to that city, and yes to that city, and yes to that region, and yes to that town, and yes to that village, and yes to that church, and yes to that movement.

You will hear the sound of ‘yes’ coming from heaven, and it will sound like thunder, and it will sound like a whisper. Across all the range of sound you will hear that one constant word: “yes. yes. yes. yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!! Yes!!” And you will hear it like a roar! And you will hear it like a whisper. The sound of heaven in agreement with the bride. And as the bride stands and worships and holds up their promises and says “Lord, this has been my prayer, this has been my dream, this is the vision you gave me. I still have it! I still have it!” ... How many of you still have that dream, that vision in your heart? Well, the Lord is saying “Yes” to that. That dream you had 20 years ago. That vision He gave you 30 years ago. That promise He gave you last week. Everything God is saying “Yes, upon yes, upon yes” because favour is coming into this nation, UN-PRECEDENTED in your history.

And even your government shall talk about it. Even your government will talk about it. And people in places of power, mayors will be talking about it all over this country. Civic leaders will be talking about there is a favour on this community. And God is rebuilding something that the enemy has tried so hard to tear down. Those things will be rebuilt. And you will become a nation of builders, and a nation of pioneers. And God will give you territory, and you will occupy it with your “yes.” And you will stand in those places, and there will be a power upon you and a vision upon you and a permission upon you, unprecedented.

“This is the time” says the Lord “of Ephesians 3:20 coming to pass. That God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond all that you can ask or even think according to the power of the ‘yes’ that now works in you.” What’s beyond thinking? That will be dreaming. That will be visions. “This is a time to study the prophetic in this country so that you may call down out of heaven everything that I permit.” And the Lord says, “I permit way beyond anything that you can imagine. 

So I’m telling you,” says the Lord “challenge me with your prophecies. Challenge me with your dream. Challenge me with your vision. Challenge me with your promises. Challenge me with the word of the Lord. ‘Cos right now, I’ll say ‘yes’ to anything.

This is not a time to ask for something small. This is a time to dream big.” How many of you, years ago, had dreams that were so big you didn’t know what to do with them? Come on ... show me your hand. The Lord says “I give that dream back to you.” Some of you let that dream go. You let it fall to the floor, but the Father says, “It never hit the ground. I caught it, and I’ve been holding it, and I’m giving it back to you. I’m giving it back to you! I’m giving it back to you! It is my will that heaven come to earth in this country, and that you become citizens of heaven living in New Zealand, bringing that realm into this realm and making all things possible. This is the year of your rising. This is the time, unprecedented in your history. I’m saying ‘yes’ to you. Why don’t you say ‘yes’ back to me. And we will be in divine agreement together, one heart, one mind, one spirit, one voice. Yes.

And as I hear your ‘yes’ so you will hear Mine. And as you hear Mine, so your own ‘yes’ will get stronger, and more profound, and more violent. And I will come into this nation, a violent ‘Yes’ that when I invite you to stand on the head of the serpent, and to stamp on his head, there will be a violence in your spirit that says “We will to do violence to the kingdom of darkness in this country.” And there will be a warrior’s ‘yes.’ There will be a bride’s ‘yes’ for romance and intimacy, but there will be a warrior’s ‘yes.’ “Yes! We want to stamp on head of the enemy in our cities, in our towns, in our villages. We want to see the power of goodness in this nation. We want to overcome evil with good, but we want to stamp on the head of the enemy. We want to say ‘Yes’ to that.” And there will be a violent ‘Yes’ that will rise up in your heart.”

“This is your time. I am birthing something new on your birthday. And it will sweep all through the South Pacific. And there shall not be an island untouched. There is a ‘Yes’ coming. There is a ‘Yes’ coming. On your birthday I’m birthing something new. And heaven says to you “We’re giving you a big slice of the cake.””

Have your cake and eat it! In Jesus name, Amen!

By Graham Cooke
Friday, 26 December 2014