Bethabara Spirit School

These gatherings began when Michael and Julie were led to start meetings in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2002. The gatherings have run in varying forms every year since then and are "organic" in nature, running along the lines of 'Family of God getting together with a purpose' rather than something highly organised or academic. In more recent years the meetings have taken the form of a Spirit School that is both pastoral and prophetic in nature and teaching. We continue to seek to teach a balanced approach to the care of God's Family.

We meet in homes in order to keep a Family atmosphere and to limit the size of gatherings so they do not become impersonal.
We do not run meetings on Sundays to allow people to continue to be involved in their churches or fellowships.
We do not seek to be an academic bible college and have seldom offered foundational teaching for new Christians.
We do not charge a fee.

Our function is to encourage and teach the importance of:-

Centring our lives on Jesus Christ and His teachings.
Following Holy Spirit in ministering to others prophetically.
Walking as the sons of our Father as they honour and follow Jesus Christ.
Discipling at multiple levels.