Walking as a Prophetic son of God

A word for action

"I Call for a Knowing of My heart
It is easy for prophetically wired people to come and take information from My throne, and from the spirit around them. It is quite another thing to hear My heart so the application of that information is wise, uplifting and releasing for the Family.

The foundations of belief must be right, or sourness will corrupt My purposes. –
I Call to prayer, I call to teach and influence, I call to move in power, fire and glory to change the reality of people’s lives.

What is the point of a lot of knowledge if there is no releasing benefit to others?
Knowing is one thing, power to release, encourage and breakthrough is what that knowledge needs, to be really useful.
An agent of My kingdom is all of these things to all men.
Push on into greatness, son/daughter. Do all you can to release wisdom into wounded hearts."

How many of you are prophetic?
How many are prophets?
What are prophets and what is their focus?
They are focussed on Family growth.
They are keyed to our Father’s heart.
To combat sourness and bitterness they seek the Love of God and to be soaked in Him at all times.

Do you have a sense that He has stopped working in your vicinity?
Do you realise you can change that?
Royal ruling the air – Kingdom of heaven – is the Kingdom of God manifesting.

Ask Him for - and position yourself to receive - the internal Healing needed to be able to pray infused with His manifest presence, then speak as He directs, not as we think, but according to His heart.

Push past the hiding mechanism – Adam and Eve. Who always breaks fellowship? They did and we do.
Who always does what is right in their own eyes? They did and we do.

Father always has an answer but it flows from a relationship with Him and FULL oneness / obedience.

We take a lot of identity from what we do and can do, but Father mostly wants to hang out with us because relationship and communication is more important to Him than anything else.  Then our identity comes from who He shows us we are with Him.

Jesus prioritised this and would walk away from "revival" situations to make sure His relationship with Dad was in pristine working order. He spoke from what Dad spoke and did what He saw Dad doing. At all times He knew who He was there for and who to leave alone. He modelled this for us to see and take on board.

Discouragement and sourness comes out of not knowing what is coming next and being prepared. You can not love your neighbour more than you love yourself. Learn to love and forgive yourself as your Father loves and forgives you and you will love your neighbour well also.