Links to Church History and other material

Know your enemy

Here’s the “Know your enemy” series from The Fuel Project

The secret terrorists

The following research is very good too and we have used portions of it. However the source is linked to the JWs so we need to be careful to not align ourselves there.

Look at the whole series rather than just the Abe article.

Here’s the series:
It tracks the Jesuit & Illuminati working together since the Jesuits created them on the orders of the Pope & in partnership with the Rothschilds

The KYE series we have watched up to number 48

The Synagogue of Satan

Here’s another great resource:

You can tab back or forward to different time periods too.  That research doesn’t seem to differentiate between false Jews and real ones so we need to be careful. Good info but it needs to be filtered.  E.g. it refers to the Jews most holy book the Talmud as promoting incest & pedophilia. It doesn’t. The Babylonian Talmud does tho but that’s the holy book of false Jews. That’s very important to differentiate