Healing Spiritual wounds (2)

I believe that in bringing healing to someone, what we are doing is bringing them into an experience of our Father loving them. Hopefully they will never recover. In fact the best outcome of what we are doing is to create another Father’s love addict.

What we are doing is showing them the way into His love through surrender to Him. That’s why we take them through stages of separating themselves from all that is a block to oneness with Him. You are working in your connected oneness with Him to bring another person to His Love out of woundedness, faulty belief, faulty understanding and demonic interference.

Q. Does anyone know the suicide spiral of attack? 

See the separate diagram.  Disappointment, discouragement, depression, bitterness, deep depression, suicide. This attack system doesn’t vary much because it works, even when you suspect what is happening. Listen for it in people’s talk about where they are.
I learned about spiritual wounds from both knowings about it and seeing them.  What yy "xray vision" looks like, and seeing the fountain in people's belly, damage to it etc.

I hope I never forget the first time I released a person’s wounds for healing and saw 5 demons leave. All i did was release the wounds I was seeing for healing. When I am praying for someone, I see into their spirit and see wounds like dark patches. Seeing is frustrating without knowing, so when I don’t have knowing I listen to words coming through others of the team praying, to pick up on wound identity. I have seen how effective we can be praying for people in teams of 4 or 5 when the team is listening well and following Holy Spirit’s cues. 

In the first introductory talk, I said that problems can be nested. What I have seen is that there can be several linked wounds. Some symptoms that you will perceive in someone can be caused by more than one type of wound; and also you may be aware that you are perceiving that the person is messed up showing symptoms of more than one type of wound.

E,g on the fear line in the table of Rejection symptoms and problems, several of these can also be results of betrayal, unforgiveness, divorce and damaged inner child growth. When I am able to know someone’s heart, often I don’t know what to tackle first, but Holy Spirit always knows so its best to listen for His cues.

Also with the passage of time, demonic interference can multiply e.g. Betrayal wounds can open a person to a pride attack, then a death and disease attack, then a (wall of) separation attack. After that the person finds it very difficult to communicate personal stuff.

Exercise – discerning the human spirit of volunteers. You are not prophesying, you are discerning gifts, anointings, callings and what their flavour is. Don’t use natural knowledge, ask yourself
“How do I describe what this person’s spirit feels like?”
“How is the person different and how is the person similar to others?”